The story of passion


One of the prides of VN culture is culinary treasure with thousands of dishes with very national characters of the 3 regions, North – Middle – South. Along with its characters, Vietnamese cuisine with thousands – of - year history influenced by the cultures of invading countries that have a rich quintessence cuisine like China and France was combined, refined and united to make specific characteristics of VN cuisine. With those specific characteristics, it is really a precise fusion and combination between the taste of East and West that not only makes Vietnamese far from their country remember their country’s taste, but conquers millions of hearts of connoisseurs in (of) food all over the world as well. Minh Ha’s passion also derives from that.

On our way of formation and development, we recognize that many international friends love Vietnamese cuisine more and more due to the mixture and balance of taste; especially, it is very good for health because there are lots of greens and herbs, but less fat in Vietnamese dishes. Vietnamese restaurants appearing more and more on splendid streets in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai…proves the great of VN cuisine. The very Vietnamese taste, however, is not made in everywhere, but it is altered at least to make VN dish loses its soul and purity as a beautiful girl looks extremely exhausted from long trips. With our innermost feelings and big love for VN cuisine, we believe that nothing can be compared with our national dish with very national taste, and Vietnamese or international friends are worthy of enjoying specific dishes with the truly Authentic Vietnamese Recipies that has the best quality. Then Minh Ha was born in such situation to provide mass of good items made by hearted mothers.

From the starting steps, with the supporting of the brand name, mother Thanh Ha ( the old traditional company special in producing Phu Quoc fish sauce), Minh Ha has been being successively developed and expanded; up to now, it has become one of prestigious partners providing for markets with Vietnam specialties such as all kinds of salted fish of 3 regions, delicious Viet dipping sauce, all kinds of sauces and spices for cooking/ frying/ braising Vietnamese dishes, sorts of Phu Quoc pepper, sets of products Meal kit helping the consumers cook all VN specialties at home as a pro-cook such as Phở with beef/rare fillet/chicken, rice vermicelli with fried meat, Ha Noi rice vermicelli with grilled meat- Bun Cha, spring roll- Nem, summer roll- Gỏi cuốn … with fast and simple manipulation/acts.

Today, Minh Ha’s products are delivered at the systems of the supermarkets all over the country like Aeon, An Nam Gourmet market, Big C, Coopart, E-mart, Lotte, Mega Market, Vinmart, Satra Mart, Sunflower market…and exported to Europe, Korea, Japan, Australia … Besides, MH’s products are delivered on line at Shopee, Tiki & Lazada.


Chef Recipes

Vietnamese cuisine

Traditional Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of dairy and oil, complementary textures, and reliance on herbs and vegetables.

Asian Cusine

Asian cuisine includes several major regional cuisines: Central Asian, East Asian, North Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and West Asian.

Western cuisine

European cuisine comprises the cuisines of Europe including the cuisines brought to other countries by European settlers and colonists.



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