Squid has a taste to eat, especially the pungent taste of satay, the faint aroma of ginger and green onion. Baby corn and sweet carrots are sweet, crunchy, crispy, this dish can also be eaten with rice.

Prepare materials:


Squid: 350g, Baby Corn: 300g, Carrot: ½ tuber, Scallions: 2 branches

Sliced ​​horn chili: 1

Minced horn chili, minced ginger, shrimp satay, chili sauce: 1 tablespoon each

Salt, fish sauce, minced onion and garlic.

Preliminary treatment:

Squid remove intestines, slit on squid meat, cut into 4 cm pieces. Marinate squid with 2 tablespoons of shrimp satay

Sliced ​​baby corn, carrots cut into sticks 4cm long. Sliced ​​scallions. Crushed chili peppers.

Slightly blanch baby corn & carrots with ½ tbsp salt. Take it out and put it in cold water, take it out and let it dry.

Mix stir-fry including: sugar, chili sauce, fish sauce: 1 tablespoon each


Saute ginger, hot peppers and 1 tablespoon minced onion and garlic. Put the squid into the stir-fry, pour in the baby corn and carrots and stir-fry together, finally add the stir-fry mixture (done in the preliminary processing). Stir by hand. Add in the minced horn peppers, sliced ​​horn peppers, and scallions

How to use: Arrange on a plate, add cilantro and a little ground pepper on top. Serve with hot rice.

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