Ingredient: - 200g raw shrimp - 2 bulbs of citronella - A soup spoon of oil - 4 bowls of chicken stock - 3 lemon leaves - 4 – 7 red pepper - 2 slices ofGalingale - Mushroom or nấmsò - Shallot or scallion cut into pieces - 1 tomato - 2-3 spoons of fish sauce - L – 2 lemons squeezed for juice - 30g coriandercut into pieces Recipe: - Peel shrimp, leave its tail. Keep head of shrimp for cooking tosweeten bouillon - Wash shrimp, cut along the back of shrimp to remove the black strip keeping from stinking - Beat out citronella to make it scent more - Heat a little oil, then fry shrimp heads with citronella rarely for 3 minutes - Add chicken stock and Galingale into, then heat for 20 minutes. You can replace Galingale to ginger, but this makes the taste less delicious. - After that filter it to get liquid, leave the solid part - Break a hot pepper into 2 halves, omit the seeds inside to make less bitter, wash mushroom and cut the left roots of citronella into pieces - Strip lemon leaves to makes the flavor of lemon leaves secreteeasily - Prepare a clean pan, pour the filtered stock together with strip lemon leaves, hot pepper , citronella into the pan and heat them - Then, put tomatoes, fish sauce, and lemon juice into, and wait until the stock boils, keep on putting shrimp, mushroom, shallot into the pan. After that flavor with fish sauce to the dish in such a way as to eat with appetite - Heat until mushrooms are soft, shrimps get red pink , then turn off the stove, sprinkle some coriander to decorate the dish