Ingredient: - 1 soupspoon of pea-nut or vegetableoil - 6 – 10 dry red pepper without seeds and skin - 500g chicken filet cut into cubes - 2 tiny bulbs of garlic minced - ¾ cups of fried pea-nuts - A bunch of 6 bulbs of shallot Materials for mixed spices - ½ soupspoon of seasoning sauce - 1soupspoon of rice wine - ¾ teaspoons of corn flour Materials for sauce - ¼ cup of black Chinese vinegar - 3 soupspoon of seasoning sauce - ½ soupspoon of sesame oil - 3 soupspoons of sugar - 2 soupspoons of black sauce - 2 soupspoons of corn flour Recipe: - Put all the ingredients of mixed spices into a bowl , then add chicken - Mix them and let chicken raw the spices. Meanwhile, you keep on doing the rest - Put all materials for sauce into another bowl and stir them steadily until they dissolveand put it aside - Heat oil at high temperature, then add dry red hot pepper into it for a few seconds until these dry red hot pepper becomes dark red - Fryscented chicken till it is done - Then add garlic, ginger, the white part of shallot into to fry for 2 minutes - Add the sauce into it and then stir until the sauce gets viscous. Reduce the cooking temperature, put peanuts into and stir them. - Wait for the chicken dish boiling a little, then turn off the stove and sprinkle some shallot cut into small pieces. Then it is very delicious to serve with hot rice at once