Ingredient: - Field cabbage: 1 – 2 big heads. Choose the ones fresh and green, it sounds firm when clapping on it; it’s really delicious because it tastes very delicious with the firm core in shuttle-shaped when salted - 2 Carrots: choose the ones with fresh color, wash off, whittle off the skin, scrape into thread, mix with the combination salt & sugar then squeeze slightly to lessen acridity (smell) - 1onion: cut into threads, dipping in weak salt water to get rid of the acrid smell of onion - Wash shallot, scallion cut into pieces of 2 – 3cm in length - 3 fresh hot peppers cut into small pieces - 1 pear, or 1 red apple , wash off, mince or grind it, if there is this kind of spice, Kimchi will be fragrant - Ginger: 2 tubers, scrape the skin off, slice into tiny threads - Garlic: 3 bulbs, peel the cover, mince into tiny pieces - Spices: Korean hot pepper powder, fish sauce, sugar, sodium glutamate, natural sea salt - Drinking water: 0.5l Recipe: - Separate Field cabbage leaves, split along the branch, then mix with salt, wash off and let them dry off water. You can dry them in the sun for an hour, when finishing, Kimchi will becrispy, but not crumblinglysoft. You can sprinkle some salt on each leaf to make them penetrated with salt quickly. - Mix up the mixture including minced garlic, carrots, onions, ginger, fresh hot pepper, powderhot pepper, ( up to the hot taste of each person ) - Apple/pear juice, shallot, scallion, natural sea salt(2 spoons), 3 spoons of fish sauce, 3 spoons of sugar, 1 spoon of sodium glutamate. Pour a little drinking water into the mixture to dissolveuntil it becomes viscous - Wear gloves, spread the mixture onto each leaf to make absorb the seasoning - Be sure to spread into each slot of leaves carefully to create the sweet taste for the dish. After that you pile them in a glass jar, and can use them in 1 - 2 days later.